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Here Are All the Details

How It Started
Game Planner Pro was built by long-time, highly successful high school offensive coaches in 2008. The two founding coaches then circulated the application, originally in an Excel spreadsheet, among a group of coaching friends (from different regions, of course). The small group of coaches realized that the application made the full game plan implementation process simpler and much more efficient.

How It Works

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After scouting the upcoming opponent and dicussing the game plan objectives in the weekly planning meeting, the coach enters the game plan in to Game Planner Pro at the start of the week. Plays, scenarios, personnel packages, formations, field position and everything else that needs to be considered for play calling and the opponent are all managed with one simple entry of the plays at the beginning of the week. Changes throughout the week are easily made.

Once the plays are entered, the coach is finished with his computer time, and there is no need to enter anything for the remainder of the week. The application will break down the volume of plays into practice scripts (watch the practice scripts video), which organize the offensive practice schedule for the two primary days of the week where the team practices the game plan. Practice scripts are easily printed and shared with anyone.

Come game day, the coach is ready and well prepared with both wrist bands and the game day call sheet which is neatly organized, clearly labeled and color coded. These essential documents are easily printed on any printer.

Your Game Plan Documents are ready to Print - Click the Pictures for Larger View

Wristband - Play numer appears on the left, play call on the right.

The Practice Scripts - Two days of pratice scripts are ready to go.

Game Day Call Sheet - All your situations and open spaces to write in special plays like 4th & Long and 2 minute plays, etc.

The Playbook and Opponent Data Storage
Game Planner Pro stores your entire playbook in one, easily accessed and easily printed location. Plus, your weekly game plans remain in tact each year. So you can use the previous year's game plan to create this year's game plan, or maybe even adjust the game plan to eliminate the unsuccessful plays and enhance the effective plays.

Why Game Planner Pro
There has never been an easier, cleaner, more communication enhancing football coaching program, ever. Those who use Game Planner Pro can eliminate over 50% of their game plan management workload on a weekly basis. Easy, efficient and affordable at $129 per year. Also, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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