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Here is how to use Game Planner Pro for your weekly game plan preparation, deployment, communication and management.

  1. At the start of a new game week, login to your account.
  2. Press the green “New Week +” button.
  3. Name the week by the opponent and then date it for the date of entry, at the top.
  4. Begin to add in your plays for the week, and click the green “Save Changes” button after each play that you enter, just to ensure you don’t lose any of your plays.
    1. Entering a Play Important Facts
      1. Wrist – Wrist is the number on the wristband that you would like to assign to that particular play.
        1. Please note that a wristband play number MUST be entered at the time you enter the play, or else the play(s) will not save. This ensures that one play is represented by one number (only) on the wristband. This function eliminates human error of misspelling a play or forgetting to add the correct number in the list of plays in the weekly game plan.
        2. Each new play you enter must be entered with a wristband number that is an odd number. For example, the first play you enter is wristband number 1, the second you enter is wristband number 3, the third is number 5 etc. This allows the even number plays to be the same play’s right hash mark version.
      2. Per – Personnel Group or Personnel Package. – Note if your offense runs the same personnel group, simply label that package whatever number you want. Eg. 1, or 2, or 10 etc. Typically, more complex offenses have multiple personnel groups for pass or run plays such as 20, 10, 22 etc.
      3. Left Hash – The play call when lined up on the left hash mark on the field (represented by ODD numbers on the wristband).
      4. Right Hash – The play call when lined up on the left hash mark on the field (represented by EVEN numbers on the wristband).
      5. Category – The situation(s) in which you may want to call that particular play. Please be sure to select ALL that apply on any given game week.
      6. Add New Entry – After you have completely entered a play, selected all the appropriate categories and then clicked “SAVE CHANGES”, then you can go on and add another entry / play.
    2. Categories / Situations
      1. You will notice that each play category / scenario only allows you a certain number of plays. The reason for this is, there will only be so many plays you can physically practice in a game week as well as use on a game day. However, if you don’t want to use all the options, you certainly don’t have to.
  5. Once you have entered all of your plays, your full week offensive preparation is complete. Simply click on Game Plans in the upper right and your weekly documents are ready. You will notice that your Practice Scripts I and II (for each day of actual offensive implementation time) are ready (and include areas for writing in overflow plays or plays that you don’t like during practice), your Wristbands are ready and your Game Day Call Sheet is too. You can print these out on any standard printer, save them to your computer and share them with coaches and players.
  6. To Make Changes During the Week – In order to make changes during the week, you can add and remove plays at any time. Just be sure to delete the play using the red warning button to the right of each play, or you can move a play from category to category, or add more plays or add replacement plays.
  7. Keep in mind that the “My Playbook” feature stores all your plays in one location. You can print that out as well for the total collection of your plays.
  8. Continually click “Save Changes” as new plays or changes will not save otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my offense uses run/pass combo plays which are based on defensive formation?
Combination plays calls that can switch from pass to run, run to pass, or any combination of the two, can be entered in as base run or pass play calls. You enter them by name the same as you would write them out manually, by name, for the right and left hash marks. Base run, if they are run to pass or run to run. Base pass, if they are pass to run or pass to pass.

What if my offense is more formation dependent than it is personnel dependent?
In this case, the personnel column becomes the formation column. Name your formation in that column and then simply remove the formation from the play call name.

Does it allow me to call plays by field vs boundary ?
Many offensive coaches like to set formations on certain plays either to the field or into the boundary. Game Planner Pro allows a coach to input calls by hash mark as well as store plays by left hash and right hash in the playbook.

How will this help me be more successful on game day?
Game Planner Pro offers a coach security like nothing else on the market. Success is measured in your planning and preparation. On game day, a coach has certainty that all calls have been concentrated on in practice and given the proper amount of attention for each situation. All coaches and players will be better prepared for each situation and play on game day.

Can a defensive coordinator use this?
Yes! He inputs what his opponent run in situations and by formation. Game planner Pro will automatically produce the information for his scout team coach who is running the opponents offense.

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